I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Juan Cruz Minuzzi, a 17 year old Argentinian student at the Deutsche Schule Córdoba, member of the Interact Club Córdoba and Politics enthusiast.


ADA’s English Debate Fest 2017 and invitation to Ombú Cup

On May 2017 was organised a second English Debate Fest with the Argentine Debate Association. This time I was a finalist at the debate simulations, and was personally invited by the ADA organizators to participate in the Ombú Cup, a formal national debate competition in Spanish, also organised by ADA. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to …


Some of the essays / contest submissions I’ve written:
  • G20 and Digitalization: Connecting Generations (G20’s Global Classroom Contest 2017):


  • Equality in education: The key for a better tomorrow (EF’s International Student Award 2016):


  • Argentina, a meeting point among cultures from around the world (EF’s International Student Award 2015):



If you want to contact me, you have the following options:

E-mail: info@jcminuzzi.com.ar

Phone: +54 (9) 351 2040361

Social media links at the bottom of the page.