School exchange to Germany

From January to April 2016 I took part on my school’s exchange program to Germany. In this program I lived for two and a half months with a host family from Berlin, and attended the Heinrich-Herz Gymnasium as a normal student, putting to test not only my German level, but also my social skills and my ability to adapt to a foreign culture.

Lucky for me, I didn’t struggle to fit in, and sooner rather than later, I felt like Berlin was my second home. Learning new things at all times, this exchange program was the most valuable time in my life. From helping at a Syrian refugees center, to attending to the annual international cinema festival Berlinale, the experiences I lived there broadened my mind and gave me a new perspective of the world, encouraging me to participate on the global challenges that the world is currently facing.

(The attached image is the 2016 yearbook from the Heinrich-Herz Gymnasium, the school I attended to on the exchange program, in which I appear on the circled picture with my host brother, Janek)

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