Global Classroom Contest Winner and G-20

On June 2017 I participated in the Global Classroom Contest, which consisted on writing a 2000 word essay on a topic related to the G20. In my case, it was the reasons why digitalization is an important issue for the G20.

My essay was picked among the many submissions as the winner, and as a prize I was invited to travel to Hamburg during the G20 summit and participate in various activities for the Y20 (Youth 20) and talks with professional economists of the Deutsche Bundesbank as well as the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble himself.

You can read my essay on “Digitalization and the G20: Connecting Cultures” here.

Press and Broadcasting Committee at Interact

On June 2017 I was voted to be part of the Press and Broadcasting Committee from Interact Club Córdoba. I was trusted the passwords for the Club’s social media sites and I’ve been administrating them ever since. This requires the dedication of keeping up with every project the club carries out and registering all of them through pictures and videos, as well as being able to recap the activities accomplished to share them on the internet in order to call other teenager’s attention and encourage them to participate in the club.

ADA’s English Debate Fest 2017 and invitation to Ombú Cup

On May 2017 was organised a second English Debate Fest with the Argentine Debate Association. This time I was a finalist at the debate simulations, and was personally invited by the ADA organizators to participate in the Ombú Cup, a formal national debate competition in Spanish, also organised by ADA.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to travel to Buenos Aires on the required date of the debate as I had won a contest which allowed me to travel to Hamburg on the same dates as the Ombú Cup was being held. However, I still attended to the training meetings for these debates as I found this formation on speech and rethoric to be extremely useful for my future.

Cambridge’s First Certificate of English

On November 2016 I gave the First Certificate of English (FCE) of the Cambridge University.  I passed this exam with distinctions, reaching a C1 level.

UNIENDO CULTURAS | INGLÉSEn esta oportunidad, queremos agradecer la participación activa y entusiasta de nuestros…

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EF’s International Student Award 2016

On November 2016 I participated in the International Student Award essay contest, this time the topic given was “The role of women in modern education”. Once more, I was selected as a finalist, and got a certification of having level C1 in English.

You can read my essay on said topic here.



UNIENDO LOGROS | Idioma InglésLos alumnos Juan Cruz Minuzzi y Camila Suárez de 5to año y Martina Uribe Echevarría…

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ADA’s English Debate Fest 2016

On September 2016 the Argentine Debating Assossiation (ADA) came to our school and gave us a very complete two day long semminary on debate and the use of rethoric. Days later we participated on a debate fest with invited students from other schools, and even a group of Australian exchange students.


Interact Club Córdoba (Rotary)

Since July 2016 I’ve been a member of the Interact Club Córdoba. It is a social work club sponsored by Rotary International for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old.

I joined Interact as a way to involve myself in the social issues that the world is facing, something I’ve been longing to do ever since my exchange program in Germany. Here I participated on various projects organised completely by us, the teen members of the club, which I have found to be an amazing experience as I learn a lot about management and logistics, and also had to work very hard to accomplish my goals.